Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time to Get Serious

I've started writing my novel, Descent, obsessively as of late.

I have every intention on publishing it--though it's far from being done and I still have a couple more of these bad boys to write--because I just feel this overwhelming sense of.. oh, compulsion--along those lines--this need to share this story with the world. I'm so excited about it and I know so many people will fall in love with my characters as I have. I grimace to even call them characters and want mostly to now refer to them as friends because they have a very near and dear place in my heart.

For the longest time this story has been forming in my head. Probably over the past ten years, I'd say, since I started getting really involved in writing. Its taken so many miniature stories and failed attempts to finally put the nail on the head of it. Now that the characters are talking back to me, instead of my coaxing them to life, they're not getting silenced.

And it'd be nice to know people want to read something of mine and will talk about it. I'd love to get a fan base and I fantasize about making a whole bunch of friends based around their mutual love for my own characters/friends. LOL I guess I'm ranting a little, eh?


I want you to meet Cadence, my leading lady of my novel Descent: Book One of the ArchWay Angels.

Cadence tends to be near-sighted and lives entirely in the moment and is one of the most passionate characters that has ever introduced herself to me. She bases most of her decisions on feelings and doesn't often think things through before doing them, like so many other rash teenagers. I wish I'd lived in that luxury as a teenager instead of wishing after the future.
Cadence is beautiful but flawed and that's something I really really really wanted to get across. Too many leading roles I've read lately are based off young women that are thrown into situations but seem to be entirely too perfect or too controlled. Every character pines after their attention. Not Cadence. She is unloved by many, except for her good friends Violet and Colt, Michael, and Luc.

Speaking of Violet--hello, Violet. Violet embodies a lot of characteristics I also wish I'd had as a younger woman.  Violet is one girl that hardly ever cares what anyone else thinks of her. She's street smart, extremely loyal to a select few people, and very un-trusting of most everybody else. She's very sarcastic, witty, and entertaining to see the interactions between Cadence and herself. She don't take no shit :P

Colt is Violet's counterpart.. er, sorta. He wants to be. Colt is definitely more down-to-earth and collected, but I think he has a bit of a jealous streak. Colt doesn't like to come out and play unless Violet is around. He's sort of aloof but a big sweetheart.

And MICHAEL. Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael. If things don't work out with Cadence, you could always kick my husband out and come stay in my bed. Michael is everything that we ladies want our men to strive to become: he is the embodiment of loyalty, compassion, and strength. I am sorry to say that, at times, he is a little would you say?...overwhelmed by duties. It's a big distraction for him and he lives his life by very strict rules. And Michael, in his compassion, is a little too empathetic for others at times.

But Luc, on the other hand, is the guy that most girls trip over and chase after. He's a total bad boy. A little older than Michael and very much a huge eye-candy. I get shivers even imagining him in my head. He's beautiful and hard to love if you only see his bad side. But once you get under all those layers and really look at where he comes from and why he behaves the way he does, it's so easy to love him. Not surprising is the fact that he reminds me a lot of my husband... Hmm...

Please feel free to make your visit to the home of the angels, the ArchWays all over the world, a happy adventure. I hope you enjoy my friends as much as I do...


  1. Great intros! Sounds like an interesting lot of characters!

  2. @ E.J. Thank you! I like to think they're very interesting but these ones seem to have written themselves.

  3. Hey Alexi, I know what you mean when your characters start talking back to you. Although it gets hard when you have to kill one of them. I find that they usually beg for their lives. (Wow. That sounds kinda messed up.)